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After Each Time

Collage by David Smith

After Each Time
Collage, tape & watercolour on Saunders Waterford paper 559mm × 762mm

I have been struggling to take half-decent photographs of my work. With works on paper – especially where a lot of white is showing – it is important to get the light falling evenly across the surface and the white balance right.  So now I have invested in some lighting that has gone a long way to making the situation better, I just need to improve my camera skills and make sense of Photoshop to get me nearer to perfection. This piece is one I did  couple of days ago and the colours are pretty true but it is still not quite there!

Fine Arty Karate

Fine Arty Karate - collage by David Smith

Fine Arty Karate
Acrylics, graphite, paper 178mm x 252mm

Today’s #arteachday is a little collage from my messier side

Nine Red Lines

Nine Red Lines - collage by David Smith

Nine Red Lines
Paper & acrylic collage 148mm x210mm

I’m trying to get back to posting an image on Twitter every day with the hashtag #arteachday. This is a little compositional study I did this morning.

A collage scrap from my studio pinboard

A collage scrap from the studio pinboard

A collage scrap from the studio pinboard

I really got caught by the colour of the Khadi paper and the photo of rotting plywood and it has been hanging on the studio wall for a while to see what it causes in me over time. It might need to go back up for a while longer – I’m just to busy with Dorset Art Weeks to give it time right now. It was today’s #arteachday post on Twitter.


Attack - collage by David Smith

Collage & watercolour 279mm x 381mm

Today’s #arteachday post on Twitter was this piece on handmade paper from last year. It has been framed floating on polar white card in a matt white frame St Ives style. It is of course for sale and will be on display at Dorset Art Weeks venue 121 from 24 May – 8June 2014.

Gate Gap Chase Bait

Gate Gap Chase Bait - Drawing by David Smith

Gate Gap Chase Bait
Drawing – ink on paper 147mm x 210mm

Today’s piece to gather in the May-o is this little A5 drawing of ink on Somerset paper glued onto a stiffer watercolour paper. Goodness knows where the title came from. It originally had a quite different title but then I started to think about the word gap and its connection to gate and how gate is the Norwegian for road and that a gate was originally the gap, the gateway, rather than the thing that closes the gap and Maypoles and…

Another one from my messy side

Wherever She Goes - collage by David Smith

Wherever She Goes
Paper, photographic elements and acrylic 215mm x 298mm

Today’s #arteachday posting was this collage that came about despite starting off with a completely different vision and this really only retains one or two elements from the original idea!

Different to the #Letter365 work today

The Blessed and the Meek - Ink drawing by David Smith

The Blessed and the Meek
Ink drawing on handmade watercolour paper 559mm x 381mm

I promised to put up some #arteachday pieces today that were different to the #Letter365 work I did today. The one above I have been playing around with for ages: I just needed the time and space to let it settle into what it needed to be. I realised that I couldn’t let it fall into any casual or habitual solutions and that although it fits in to my “field” drawings and also has echoes in my Tidelines work it actually has some deep roots into some personal atavistic issues and, I am realising, my old interest in alchemy and alchemical drawings. Anyway, I am now very happy with it after its long gestation. I just need to get some better photographs of it!

Nulla in mundo pax sincera - collage by David Smith

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
Photographic elements on Kadhi paper 300mm x213mm

The second #arteachday piece is a collage made out of my photographs and an altered image from the newspapers of Russian warplanes amaased near to the border with Ukraine. There is a slight whiff of mushroom clouds and shockwaves.

A small dark collage

Small Words - collage by David Smith

Small Words
Collage – photographic elements on Khadi paper 152mm x 220mm

Today’s #arteachday piece is a little repetitive collage featuring our bees again!

A struggling day today!

Bothered - collage by David Smith

Photographic elements and ink on Khadi paper 154mm x 215mm

Collage from David Smith's sketchbook

Collage experiment from my sketchbook
Photographic elements and ink on paper 170mm x 130mm approx

Things don’t always go smoothly and as I have been on a roll recently it’s only to be expected that I’m due a challenging day. I recorded on the #Letter365 post how my first attempt for today’s piece had not a single redeeming feature! And later how my other work tumbled after it while the new #Letter365 came out OK.

Well this piece above evolved before all that, before the day went downhill a bit. I didn’t realise that its title and my state of being coincided until someone pointed it out! The piece right is a little experiment in the same vein in one of my sketchbooks.