A struggling day today!

Bothered - collage by David Smith

Photographic elements and ink on Khadi paper 154mm x 215mm

Collage from David Smith's sketchbook

Collage experiment from my sketchbook
Photographic elements and ink on paper 170mm x 130mm approx

Things don’t always go smoothly and as I have been on a roll recently it’s only to be expected that I’m due a challenging day. I recorded on the #Letter365 post how my first attempt for today’s piece had not a single redeeming feature! And later how my other work tumbled after it while the new #Letter365 came out OK.

Well this piece above evolved before all that, before the day went downhill a bit. I didn’t realise that its title and my state of being coincided until someone pointed it out! The piece right is a little experiment in the same vein in one of my sketchbooks.

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