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Today the dots have it

Deatail of "Keep the Car Running" an ink drawing by David Smith

Keep the Car Running (detail) Ink on Somerset paper 381mm x 559mm

If you have followed my #Collage365 project or seen any of my “Personal Reflections” photos, you will have seen that I have a bit of a thing about dots and circles. Well today they turned up in one of my abstract drawings.

I will aim to get some of my photos up on this site soon but here is one to give you the idea:

Self portrait of reflection in the windows of Birmingham's new library

Pesrsonal Reflection on Birmingham’s new library

It’s time I started to use this website properly!

Detail from A Small Homage to Max Ernst, a drawing by David Smith

A Small Homage to Max Ernst (detail) Ink on Somerset paper 381mm x 559mm

I set this site up before Bridport Open Studios last year and got overtaken by all the things I had to do in preparation and have never really got back to it. I have used the excuses of being busy with my #Collage365 project and now my #Letter365 series; and the fact that I wanted to decide on an appropriate design and format for the site; and my problems with making good photographic reproductions of, in paticular, my larger pieces on paper, for not doing it, but now with Dorset Art Weeks rapidly appoaching, it is important that I start to populate it with images. An easy way to ensure at least something get up here is to post the image I am putting up on Twitter each day under the hashtag #arteachday. At least it will begin to demonstrate what my work is about even if i don’t manage to get good reproductions produced or sort out the design for the site in the short term.

Today’s image is from an abstract fine pen drawing I completed today of half-imperial size. The ring is a reference to the solar/lunar disc that appears in a number of Ernst’s works and is a reminder to me to revisit him, especially since my foray into collage through #Collage365 was so fruitful.