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Managed to get in the local free paper

The View From Bridport published this piece I wrote about our Open Studios exhibition:

Cutting from the View From Bridport 21 August 2013

Cutting from the View From Bridport 21 August 2013

Been busy today picking up my pieces from the framers – they look pretty stunning even if I say so myself! – and arranging printing and things for the show.  Quite a bit won’t get done I expect but it will still be a pretty good show.

This evening was the launch party. It was good to meet up with some of the other artists and give each other a little encouragement.

Five artists at theChapel in the Garden, Bridport

Flier for Five Artists at the Chapel in the Garden

I have been busy organising the exhibition and have not left enough time to set up my new website. I had hoped to log all the preparations and events leading up to the launch but we do what we can do.  I will be exhibiting with my son, Tom, and daughter, Hannah, at the Chapel in the Garden in Bridport as part of Bridport Open Studios. My neighbour Marian Young and Beaminster artist Hazel Grimsey will be joining us.

Tomorrow I will be picking up the rest of my work from the framers, so at least I will have something to put on the walls, but I don’t know if I will be able to mount and wrap any other stuff. Hopefully I will be able to get it all up on Thursday leaving Friday free to do the signage at the Chapel.